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March 27, 2012





(excerpted from Wikepedia) 

'..the red thread of destiny, red thread of fate and other variants is an east Indian belief originating from Chinese legend (also used in Japanese legend). According to this myth the gods tie an invisible red string around the ankles of those that are destined to be soul mates and will one day marry each other. The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers regardless of time, place or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle but never break. This myth is similar to the Western concept of soul mates or a twin flame.

  • Crash (2004 movie about lives connected through interweaving story lines destined to meet)
  • Touch (2012 tv show illustrates 'Red String Theory' via a fathers desperate attempt to communicate with his autistic son who sees the connections through numbers)
  • Terry & I Meeting (a lifetime of synchronicities)
  • Sister & Brother-In-Law Meeting


Have you ever thought how interesting it would be if you had an aerial view of your whole life and you could see where your path crossed with other people who have been present in your life, all leading to o the time and place that you would finally meet?  Destiny? Fate?


When Terry and I met we weren't aware of many of the synchronistic events that seemingly were conspiring to bring us together.

I was working alongside a close friend of Terry's who would chat to me on a daily basis about his current girlfriend and sometimes he included snippets of Terry and his contentious relationship with his girlfriend. I would just listen and kind of visualize the scenarios he described as it served as a distraction from my mind numbing job.

Then one day, for reasons unknown to me, I suddenly interrupted him to ask Terry's last name.  He answered, "Fitzgerald. Why?"  I replied, "I was just curious, I guess."  But, what I was really doing was running his name through the following process; 'Linda Fitzgerald, hmmmm...Linda Fitzgerald, Mrs. Linda Fitzgerald."  I remember thinking that it had a nice ring to it and then asked,  "Can you introduce me to Terry?"  Without hesitating he said, "No!"  And, although I tried to push the idea, he adamantly refused so I had to drop the issue.  I would later find out that he actually had a crush on me and did not want to introduce competition.

However, fate stepped in and later that evening he called me at home just to chat about the day, as he did from time to time, so I didn't think anything of it.   At some point during the conversation I heard a ruckus in the background and apparently Terry had just walked into his house unannounced.  I heard Terry ask who he was talking to and then grabbed the phone and said that I should come to the club where he was playing that Friday night.  I said I'd think about it, and with that he instructed that I look for the tall bass player and we'd meet up between sets.  

I decided to go with my friend Marty and Terry and I managed to find one another between sets, as he had suggested.  We chatted a while, then he walked us to the car and asked for my phone number. The next night Marty and I went bar hopping in Buffalo.  Now this point is significant.

We drove around the slightly seedier side of Buffalo where the best live bands were known to play. During intermission at one of these dives, the bass player came over to our table and introduced himself.  He was very attractive and when he asked for my number, I happily gave it to him.  But wait...

It gets better.  His name was Terry.  So to summarize; I met two bass players named Terry on two consecutive nights.

So to set the scene properly you should know that this all took place in 1966 - long before cell phones or wireless anything.  I'd gone to bed early Sunday night because my room mate was entertaining her boyfriend in our LR and that's where the phone lived. It rang, she answered and trotted down the hall to tell me; "It's someone named Terry for you ."  Now I'm hoping that it's Terry the bass player from Buffalo so I ask her; 'Which one?"  She goes back to the phone and returns; "Terry, the bass player."  To which I ask; "Which ONE?"  She was pretty exasperated by this time, so I got up and went to see for myself, still anticipating that it would be 'Buffalo Terry.'  It turned out to be my Terry.
We are about to celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary, so you know how that turned out. Over the years we were to discover a few more synchronistic events that hovered over our separate lives.  
'Bad Boy' John Hamm of course..

When I was sixteen years old I dated a guy who was a new arrival in the small city where I lived.  His dark good looks and shiny red convertible quickly caught the attention of me and my friends.  He was the spitting image of his father who was a successful Ontario tobacco farmer.  This too is significant.

Terry's father was a public relations guy for Rothmans tobacco company and when Terry was around age 16 (I would have been 13 at that time) his father took him on a field trip into tobacco country, stopping at a large property where his dad introduced him to the owner and his son - it had struck him that they looked a lot alike and were both very good looking.  When I was relating my story to him and mentioned the name of my boyfriend, who'd been the the son of a tobacco farmer in that area, we realized that it was the same one.  Coincidence? Or was the 'red thread of destiny' at work here?  But wait...

Both of our families had grown up in Toronto's Beach area and at one time I had gone to the public school where Terry used to go for his weekly shop classes.  I would have been around age 8 and he would have been about 11 years old.  So, if we had that aerial view of our lives I spoke of earlier, perhaps we would have seen ourselves in the school playground, crossing each others path and maybe we locked eyes for a second or two or, an impression was imprinted subconsciously.

It's certainly interesting if nothing else, but I believe it was much, much more than that.  Call it what you will, but I feel sure that the 'red thread of destiny' had played an integral part in our lives all along.  But wait...
Here's another example of the 'red thread of destiny' that showed up in my sisters life.  She was dating someone at the time but he was working late the night she decided to go roller skating with her friends at an outdoor roller rink.  As she skated, she noticed this very tall guy watching her go around and around.  He was making her nervous, but in a good way. She found herself attracted to him and hoped he would make a move. He eventually called her over to the side where they stood and chatted. He asked for her number and she was over the moon.

There were events that had to synchronize for them to both show up in that place at the same time.  He didn't roller skate but had gone out with some buddies for a drive and ended up at the lakeside resort where my sister happened to be skating.  Now while this may sound typical of how people meet - just wait...
My sister's name is Anne and the guy she had been seriously dating was Glen.  The new guy's name was Glen and he was engaged to someone named Anne.  And, this is sure to make you smile.

My sister had just told me about the 'new' Glen, when the phone rang. I answered and when he asked for Anne and said that it was Glen calling, I asked; "Which one?"  They still talk about how he almost hung up right then and there.  In spite of my social faux pas, they've been happily married for almost 50 years.

I'll leave you to consider the above events...