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April 13, 2013

Dear Ralph Lauren...

Is he wearing it here.. maybe so!!
HELP!  I Am Desperate...
I own a very tattered, white Henley that I bought in Toronto, sometime in the eighties.  I love it so much, I just cannot toss it out with the trash or bring myself to use it as a cleaning rag, although as you can see from the pics, I definitely should.  It's been unwearable for many years but I remain hopeful that one day I will find this exact Henley to replace it and only then would I allow it to become 'schmatta.'

I have tried and tried to find this one.  I even tried to 'settle' for another in your line, but alas it would not do.  I've shopped online, in stores (including NYC) 'Googled,' checked on E-Bay (I'd settle for a 'gently used' version) and Craig's List.

The Hunt Goes On and On

After enlisting your on-line, store consultants to help me - more than once, I gave up because it's so hard to see detail on a computer page and trust that someone else's eyes will see what you hope is your vision, I've been disappointed time and again, not to mention the money spent in the effort - my husband has been the beneficiary of a few of my failed attempts.

Is he wearing it here?

Is he wearing it here?

I know my Henley is out there somewhere.  Oh, and I'm also very sure that you may be wearing it in at least one of the photos in your book (my bible).

Anecdotally: Two summers ago, while visiting my daughter in NYC, we were invited to the annual, Elle soire in The Hamptons, where I fell while walking the red carpet, but more importantly and to the point, I also met your son David. He was perfectly charming. We spoke briefly, only to tell him how much I admired you and your family after seeing the Oprah special where she was your guest at the ranch - lucky, lucky her. He was very gracious and I was very tempted to enlist his help but decided that it would be quite inappropriate...  

Is he wearing it here?

Is he wearing it here?


White cotton (not cream or beige) with narrow ribbing, a 3 button plaque, long sleeves with a band at the wrist.  The label shows the following details:
  • Established 1987
  • Authentic Rough Hewn 
  • RL (pony motif)
  • Made in Hong Kong


If you're reading this and are inclined to help me with this dilemma, please E-mail me or leave advice in the 'COMMENT BOX'  

Sincerely Desperate,

Linda Borland-Fitzgerald