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November 8, 2011

PERSIL - Another tip for white, white, whites...

I just got a note from my favourite cousin who says she too has a 'greying' problem with her whites, and has just bought both of the products I recommended. She sounded very excited.
Here's a small tip that I find helpful with the laundry whites. I like to add some Oxi-Clean (non-chlorine, bleach powder) with the Persil.  I have on occasion used a splash of chlorine bleach on a truly, stubborn stain, but only if absolutely necessary.  The Persil works very well alone, but I think the Oxi-Clean gives it a little boost -  just thought I'd mention it.  Oh, my dear cousin also said she bought the liquid Persil because she has a front load washer, but so do I and I use the powder - so I will have to check back with her to see how the liquid Persil worked for her and let you know.
Still working on the other 'product' I mentioned - the little 'miracle in a spray can' but have been tied up with some volunteer work and other stuff - promise it will be up soon though...

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